Our Beachcomber is the perfect kayak for getting started with paddling whilst having a kayak that will allow you to grow as a paddler without holding you back.

At 17kgs the Beachcomber is the lightest plastic sea kayak of its class on the market. This allows paddlers to get easily in and out of the water as well as making it easier to paddle.

The Beachcomber was designed with comfort, stability and manoeuvrability in mind which is what makes it the perfect kayak for paddlers of a wide skill range, but particularly our beginner paddlers.

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The enigma is a great kayak for those
looking to paddle for fitness or training. Fit to race in events like Coast to Coast the Enigma is a sea kayak that can move quickly through the water for those paddlers who are looking for a slightly more challenge and speed.

With a sealed glove box storage compartment forward of the cockpit this kayak is great for day trips and store whatever you need while you paddle.

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The interface is another of our sea kayaks that is available in different volumes to accommodate different paddlers across
a wider weight range (see below).

The great thing about our Interface kayak is that it’s versatile and stable on a wide range of water and conditions. It also has great storage capacity with a front storage compartment, sealed glove box and rear storage compartment.


Low volume:                            
50- 70kg

Medium volume:        
70- 85kg

High volume:        
85- 110kg

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Duo expedition

Our Duo expedition has been designed for a wider range of people to be able to enjoy sea kayaking. With a large centre hatch it is to carry all your partnerships needs on your journey. The Duo expedition comes in different volumes just like the interface but it is designed for duos. Great for commercial or personal use this doubles kayak has a wider hull to help you handle any conditions.

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The Waimak is our newest boat and it’s been created to be the next step in line after the Enigma and Interface for challenging paddlers whilst still being stable and easy to get accustomed too.

The Waimak has been designed with racing in mind, it therefore is lacking the hatches bungee holders and fittings of our other sea kayaks to make it lighter and more efficient.

A typical Waimak paddler will have been paddling on rivers for at least a year or perhaps will have experience racing in the coast to coast.

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