World leaders in innovative, lightweight kayak design and manufacture.

Barracuda Kayaks is owned and operated by Gordon Robinson. The Barracuda Kayak range has been developed by Gordon over the past 30 years. Gordon's experience in competitive K1 and white water kayak racing, and in the manufacture of Formula 1 power boats, F1, K1 and Whitbread racing yachts has given him a wealth of knowledge in the construction and performance of kayaks.

Gordon's love of paddling the coastlines of New Zealand, has led to the development and refinement of the unique concepts behind Barracuda's kayak designs. Barracuda kayaks have become a favorite amongst kayak tour operators, adventure racers, multisporters and recreational kayakers.

For over twenty years, Barracuda Kayaks have been evaluated, upgraded and refined, resulting in safe, proven, user-friendly kayaks, performing in a wide variety of conditions, environments and races all around the world.

Barracuda Kayaks is proud to provide the Kayaks used in events such as Red Bull DefianceKathmandu Coast to Coast and Godzone.